Purpose: The Maurice D. Hinchey Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area (the Heritage Area) seeks to partner with various organizations to sponsor programs and events that reinforce the Heritage Area’s mission. While complementing the mission of the Heritage Area, cultural, heritage and recreational events deliver significant tourism and economic benefits to communities, and encourage local and regional partnerships.

Covid-19: The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area announces the availability of sponsorship funding in order to more timely provide funds to HRVNHA heritage sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that many sites are closed to the public resulting in extraordinary impacts to ticket/tour revenues.

One notable departure from our past sponsorships is that staff time is eligible to be reimbursed, but only if that staff time is for the direct development of programming or interpretation, as identified in the sponsorship application. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis, particularly focused on creating virtual tours and programming.

Eligible applicants: Municipalities and nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations located within the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area.

Limits: Applicants are limited to (2) event sponsorships per year. Awards cannot exceed $2,500 per sponsorship.

Programs or Events shall:

  • Occur within the boundaries of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area
  • Reinforce the Hudson River Valley by promoting and celebrating historic, cultural, scenic, or recreationalresources that enhance local or regional character
  • Foster local and regional partnerships
  • Help brand the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area’s nationally significant historical, cultural, and naturalresources, representing themes of Nature and Culture, Corridor of Commerce, and Freedom and Dignity.
  • Help make the Hudson River Valley a destination for tourists
  • Resonate with the themes of the HRVNHA, which are:
    • Nature and Culture,
    • Freedom and Dignity
    • Corridor of Commerce

Matching Funds: A one-to-one match is required. Federal dollars may not be used as a match. Favorable consideration will be shown to applicants who can exceed matching funds. Matching funds may include cash support, in-kind donations, and volunteer hours. A two page matching funds report must be completed prior to pay-out out of any sponsorship. The report will be sent to you after the event. Funds will be disbursed after receipt and approval of the matching funds report.

Organizers shall:

  • Acknowledge the sponsorship of and include the logo of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, andour website, www.hudsonrivervalley.com in all promotional materials, press releases and webpages.
  • Post the event(s) to the NHA’s calendar at www.hudsonrivervalley.com, and, if the event is on a weekend inSeptember, also post it as part of the Hudson River Valley Ramble at www.hudsonrivervalleyramble.com.
  • Fill out a brief matching fund form. The report will be sent to you after the event.

Questions: Dan Jeanson, Project Director, 518-473-3835, daniel.jeanson@hudsongreenway.ny.gov

Submit completed form to: grants@hudsongreenway.ny.gov

Download an Application (download to your computer before filling out)